Schedule of Readings

Readings will begin at 7:00 PM each evening. Each passage begins and ends at either a chapter break or paragraph break, as indicated below. The full text (and context) of the passages is available here, with the number, starting point, and endpoint of each passage clearly marked.

DateVolumeChapterLocation of passageClaimed?
131-Oct1Letter 1entiretyYes
231-Oct1Letter 2entiretyYes
331-Oct1Letters 3-4through section dated August 5Yes
431-Oct1Letter 4sections dated August 13 and 19Yes
531-Oct11up to "reason to repent"Yes
631-Oct11from "From this time" to "greatest avidity"Yes
731-Oct11from "When I returned home" to endYes
831-Oct12up to "such nonsense"Yes
931-Oct12from "I replied" to endYes
1031-Oct13up to "nature will allow"Yes
1131-Oct13from "When I found" to endYes
1231-Oct14up to "land of knowledge"Yes
1331-Oct14from "It gives me the greatest delight" to endYes
1431-Oct15up to the end of the letterYes
1531-Oct15from "Dear, dear Elizabeth" to endYes
1631-Oct16beginning up to "dead body of his brother"Yes
1731-Oct16from "Clerval spoke" to middle of middle paragraph "the murderer of my brother"Yes
1831-Oct16from "No sooner did that idea cross to my imagination" to "how is my poor Elizabeth?"Yes
1931-Oct16from "She indeed requires consolation" to endYes
2031-Oct17up to "their hold"Yes
2131-Oct17from "I passed a night" to endYes
221-Nov21up to "William and Justine"Yes
231-Nov21from "Our house" to endYes
241-Nov22up to "diabolically murdered"Yes
251-Nov22from "I expected this reception" to endYes
261-Nov23up to "fell asleep"Yes
271-Nov23from "It was morning" (77) to "that was sufficient for me" (79)Yes
281-Nov24"Having thus arranged my dwelling" to "were at first enigmatic"Yes
291-Nov24from "a considerable period elapsted" to "he read to the old man and Agatha"Yes
301-Nov24"This reading puzzled me extremely" to chapter endYes
311-Nov25Beginning t "which I entered"Yes
321-Nov25from "My days were spent" to endYes
331-Nov26up to "part of Paris"Yes
341-Nov26from "Felix conducted" to endYes
351-Nov27up to "envy rose within me"Yes
361-Nov27from "Another circumstance" to "my younger protectors"Yes
371-Nov27from "One day" to endYes
381-Nov28up to "commence my operations"Yes
391-Nov28from "As the night advanced" to "escaped into the wood"Yes
401-Nov28from "This was then the reward" to endYes
411-Nov29from chapter start 110 to "and continued" (112)Yes
421-Nov29From" if you consent" to "I am now excluded"Yes
431-Nov29from "I paused" to chatper/volume endYes
442-Nov31up to "danger of his machinations"Yes
452-Nov31from "It was in the latter end of August" to endYes
462-Nov32up to "thus associated"Yes
472-Nov32from "From Derby" to "sensations of men" (126-28)Yes
482-Nov32from "In this retreat" to Chatper 3 "his own species"Yes
492-Nov33from "even if" (129) to "injuries you inflict" (131)Yes
502-Nov33from "Devil, cease" to "slept soundly" (131-4)Yes
512-Nov33from "I do not know how long" to end (134-36)Yes
522-Nov34Ch. 4 to "consequences of the affair" (136-38)Yes
532-Nov34Ch 4 from "I entered the room" (138) to end of 139Yes
542-Nov34from "As the images" to "my father entered it"Yes
552-Nov34Ch 4 from "Nothing at this moment" to end (142-45)Yes
562-Nov35up to end of letterYes
572-Nov35from "The letter revived" to "cruelly deprived"Yes
582-Nov35from "Such were the lessons" to endYes
592-Nov36up to "history of man"Yes
602-Nov36from "But why should I dwell" to endYes
612-Nov37up to "I am satisfied" (158-60)Yes
622-Nov37"I darted towards the spot" (160) to "desire of my soul" (161)Yes
632-Nov37from "What his feelings were" to "I wept aloud"Yes
642-Nov37from "But this was not the time" to "interesting as truth"Yes
652-Nov37from "Our conversations" to end of September 2 letterYes
662-Nov37from beginning of September 5 letter to "not many hours to live"Yes
672-Nov37from "His sentence was pronounced" to "would yet have lived"Yes
682-Nov37from "And do you dream" to "this injustice"Yes
692-Nov37from after "this injustice" to endYes