On Halloween 2018, there will be a worldwide marathon reading of Mary Shelley’s extraordinary novel—a “Frankenread”—with various groups, academic and civic, reading the entire novel. This event will be variously recorded by the National Endowment for the Humanities. For Princeton’s Frankenread, we decided to spread the novel across three festive evenings, including a screening of Thomas Edison’s short 1910 silent-film adaptation, a New Jersey production and the first cinematic version of this novel. Come and go and come as you like, for as long as you like!

Our Frankenread will take place in the Chancellor Green Rotunda at Princeton over the evenings of October 31, November 1, and November 2, 2018. As Frankenstein was originally published in three volumes, each evening will include one volume in its entirety. Readings will begin at 7:00 PM and conclude at approximately 10:30 PM each evening. A reception at 6:30 PM, including refreshments, will precede each night’s readings, and an intermission will punctuate them.

Sixty-two readers from around the campus, the community, and beyond will read for about ten minutes each. If you would like to participate, please refer to the information for readers.

We invite collateral exhibits, events, posters, and the like. Please send any inquiries to or